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Hal W Tomlinson

Hal W. Tomlinson began his financial services career in 1984 when he joined John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company in Visalia, CA.  He became licensed for life and disability insurance, property and casualty insurance and investment securities.  He quickly gained a fond appreciation for group benefits offering medical benefits and retirement plans.  In 1988, he opened an independent practice and established relationships with registered investment advisory firms using tactical active sector allocation programs for his customer’s investments.  Those long standing relationships with the various firms that help manage the several portfolio options which began then are still available today.  These defensive allocation programs have helped his customer weather the many economic challenges that have occurred through the years.  

Probably the most significant characteristic of his personalized level of service is his desire to do business the old fashioned way.  That is to sit down with the customer and listen to their needs.  While in California many of his customers moved to other states.  That did not deter him from meeting with the customer on a regular basis which is vital to the success of a financial action plan.  When the customer moved they often felt it important to maintain that relationship and continued service.  Many customers did, in fact, relocate to Colorado.  In 1995, Hal moved to Colorado also.  It has actually worked out to be an ideal location for his office enabling him to easily travel to California, Nebraska, New Mexico as well as several other states where his customers are now located.  

He has earned the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designations from The American College.  There have been many advanced studies devoted to the accumulation of assets but only recently has there been an emphasis on studies that explore in detail the awesome task of taking income (distribution of assets).  Dealing with the historic economic events our world has experienced in recent years has also involved developing techniques on how to make retirement assets last a lifetime while dealing with inflationary trends.  In particular, this makes the RICP designation an important component in understanding how to help people succeed in their retirement planning.